Where? What? When?

Friends & Family Day
Friends and Family Day is a wonderful opportunity to invite all of our loved ones to services followed by a great meal and great time of fellowship. Friends & Family Day 2024 will coincide with our Spring Gospel Meeting on April 14th. Please make plans to attend.

Exposure Youth Camp & ICYC

These are two major events for our youth every year. Each year, December 27-30, our wonderful youth group takes a trip to Huntsville, AL for this amazing event. This event provides youth from  all over America with a wonderful opportunity to study God’s word, to apply it to their young lives and to grow in fellowship with one another. To learn more about this great event just follow the link for “Exposure Youth Camp” under the Helpful Links tab at the top of the page. ICYC (Indian Creek Youth Camp) is a week long stay where our children and youth spend their days away from technology and spend time in God’s word and with God’s people. For more information about ICYC follow the link for it under the Helpful link tab at the top of the page. Our youth group will be attending Anthony Gant’s week (7/21-7/26).  

Annual Ladies Day

Our annual ladies day is designed to join our ladies together in God’s Word and wonderful fellowship. This event is held every year in April. Our ladies hope you will join them this year on Saturday, April 27, 2024 from 8:30am to 12:00pm for an uplifting message. Then stick around afterwards for some wonderful food and fellowship with the ladies of the Fayette congregation.

Vacation Bible School

VBS begins each night at 6:30pm Sunday through Wednesday night with singing and then it’s off to Bible Class to learn more about God. Mark your calendar July 14-17, 2024 and we hope to see you!
Gospel Meetings
Each year the Fayette Church of Christ holds two Gospel Meetings (April 14-17 and October 6-9 for 2024). In these meetings we invite a guest preacher to come and share the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ with those in our community and to encourage the saints.
Men’s Breakfast
Each year we have two special breakfast which serve as a time for prayer, food, and devotion for the men of the congregation. This year, 2024, those breakfasts will be on February 187th and August 10th. All men are invited.
Mother’s Appreciation Breakfast
Where would we be without Godly mothers? Once a year we try to show our appreciation and love for all the mothers of the congregation with a mothers appreciation breakfast. At this breakfast some men of the congregation and our youth group cook the breakfast and serve it to these Godly women. This breakfast is always the Saturday before Mother’s Day.