The Fayette Church of Christ is structured using various committees, headed by our Deacons, to ensure the work of the church is conducted. From Building and Grounds to Transportation and everything in between, these committees stay busy ensuring their responsibilities are met.


We have Bible classes for all ages, cradle roll through adults, on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights taught by faithful Christians who love God and His Word.


Our evangelistic thrust is divided into three specific areas: Local, Stateside, and Foreign. Locally we conduct a vigorous outreach to the community through the Bible Talk Program, which includes a daily ten minute radio program on Big Cat 97.1 FM that airs Monday through Saturday at 8:15am. Bible Talk is also a 30 minute television program which airs on channel My 68 out of Birmingham, AL at 7:30am, WVUA 23 out of Tuscaloosa, AL at 6:00 am, WCBI, Channel 4 out of Columbus, MS at 7:30am, and My 35 out of Mobile, Pensacola, Ft. Walton. All of these air on Sunday morning. You can also view Bible Talk on the Gospel Broadcasting Network by going to or you can view past episodes on If you would like an audio or video recording of a program please email us at We also offer free Bible correspondences courses. If you would like a Bible study course, please email us at The Fayette church of Christ is also involved in several mission works from Australia to the Pacific Islands as well as right here in our own state.

Compassion Card Teams:

It is easy to feel lost in a large crowd. Some people will even avoid a “large” congregation for fear they will miss out on personal involvement. Our experience with our compassion card team participation is that everyone has the opportunity to identify with smaller fellowship groups that strengthen their sense of belonging. These groups provide an avenue to meet many of our congregational needs such as caring for our sick and the spiritually weak. The primary goal of these teams is to engage in the prospecting aspect of our evangelistic efforts. 

Ladies Programs:

Food groups, shower groups, Ladies’ Bible classes and annual Ladies Day programs provide additional opportunities for our ladies in the church to grow spiritually. Our ladies meet regularly for monthly devotionals in the “Mountain Movers” group (Young Adult Ladies) and “Victorious In Courage” group (Ladies generally 35 years and up, though age is just a number and either group will welcome all who want to attend). 

OWLS (Older Wiser Livelier Servants)

Our OWLS group is comprised of those who are in the prime of life, and who desire to use their abilities and time for the good of the cause of Christ. Though older in years, these are still very much young at heart. The OWLS are a very active group. They take trips together, regularly go out to eat together, and support the activities of our sister congregations and help with the work of the Lord’s church.

Generation 4:12 (Youth)

Our purpose for Generation 4:12 is to guide and encourage this and the next generation of our youth to live the words of Paul in 1 Timothy 4:12 and to be that example described there in. From service projects to nursing home visits our youth are involved in helping, giving, providing and sharing in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith and in purity, everything they’ve learned to be.
Mountain Movers (Young Adult Ladies)
Our Mountain Movers group is made of our young adult ladies. They are a very active group who engage in regular devotional studies with one another and work to assist in various activities and efforts of the congregation.